The Best Ways to Show You Care With Jewelry

by David Cai on March 30, 2019

From couple rings and promise rings to matching bracelets and lockets – there are plenty of special ways to show you care with jewelry! In this post, we’re going to take a look at some of the best, and help you to choose the very best gifts for your other half. There are lots of reasons that we buy jewelry. One of the most common, of course, is in order to show that we care about the other person and to give them something that is beautiful and long-lasting. This is why so many guys buy diamonds for their partners when they’re getting engaged, and it’s why so many people will buy expensive gems on special occasions like anniversaries.

But in fact, you don’t need to spend a small fortune on an overly expensive rock in order to show how much someone means to you. In fact, in some ways, this is actually one of the less effective ways of showing your devotion. That’s seeing as buying expensive jewelry is actually ‘easy’ and doesn’t necessarily show much thought.

On the other hand, choosing things like couple promise rings, or couple bracelets show a lot more thought and consideration – plus it can match any budget (which can actually win you brownie points when you share your finances with the recipient!

Here are some of the very best options when it comes to saying ‘I love you’ with couple jewelry.

Top Ways to Say I Love You With Couple Jewelry

Promise Ring

What exactly is a promise ring? Effectively, this is like an engagement ring that doesn’t require you to get married.

This is a way of saying that you want to be with someone forever, that you see them as your life-partner, and that they mean the world to you. But unlike an engagement ring, there is no expectation here that you are going to propose, or that this is going to lead to a wedding.

This might be a promise that an engagement ring will come in time – maybe when you have the budget for one, or when you are emotionally ready – or it can be used in place of one.

The idea here is that the ring shape of the couple promise rings will represent eternity. And indeed, these couple promise rings are sometimes referred to as ‘eternity rings’.

Other than that, there are no hard and fast rules for couple promise rings – only that they be particularly special items of jewelry. Note that in some rare cases, couple promise rings will utilize a particular design that includes small diamonds all the way around the band – but there is no requirement for this.

A word of advice though: make sure that your recipient understands what the promise rings mean and doesn’t mistake this for a proposal!

Matching Jewelry

Another great way to show someone that you care is to get them matching jewelry. With matching jewelry – such as couple bracelets – you can show someone that you really care and that you are always ‘connected’.

The idea here is that you will both have a similar item – such as a bracelet with is something often worn by both genders – and then in many cases get that item engraved with the same message. Alternatively, you might use the start and end of a quote, or any other two engravings that match even though they are not necessarily identical.

This also works really well for couple rings that match.

A similar method can be used when you have jewelry that is not itself matching. For instance, you can both get your watches engraved to match. This is a particularly nice way to show you care, as it is something that not everyone will know about: like it’s your own little secret.

Note that in some cases, eternity rings or promise rings will also be matching. This can also be something that you buy together: to share that promise and enter into it with an item that symbolizes your love and intentions. These matching couple rings are ideal for those that don’t want to get married at any point, but who want to stay together.


If you want to get your partner something special but don’t want to fork out for a gigantic diamond, then a good option is to buy them something with their birthstone. The nice thing about this is that it is personal to them, and it shows that you know them well and have picked something that is a little more special. There are some things to consider when you choose this though: for instance, if you want to get your partner something that fits within your budget, then this will really depend on just what their birthstone actually is!

And that’s another pointer: you need to consider whether they actually like their birthstone! Just because it is someone’s birthstone, that doesn’t mean that they will necessarily hold it above all others. If you are unsure, then consider asking a friend or relative of theirs.

Perhaps even better would be to do your research, find what their favorite stones are, and then to use that when choosing couple promise rings and the like. Likewise, consider whether it is similar to the other jewelry they own and whether it would go with things that they typically wear. One basic consideration that is useful to keep in mind, is whether they prefer jewelry that is gold or silver. Get this right to ensure it’s something they’re actually likely to wear on a regular basis!


If you’re looking for an idea for couple necklaces, then lockets are a great idea for couple jewelry. Of course, a locket is basically a necklace that has a ‘window’ in it where you can store a photograph. In here, you can then keep a photo of the two of you together for instance, of your child, or maybe of a quote or something that has special meaning for the two of you. The great thing about a locket is that you are this way not only giving a gift that involves a beautiful item of jewelry, but you are also demonstrating time, thought, and a knowledge of who they are by adding in that photograph, quote, or another reference.

Engraved Jewelry

A very similar option is engraved jewelry. We mentioned that this could be a great option for matching couple rings or matching couple bracelets. But you can also buy engraved jewelry for your partner even when the items don’t match. For instance, an engraved ring, or an engraved watch, will likely seem that much more unique and special to your recipient than a more generic one with no personal touch. Again, this is special because it shows the extra time and thought you put into the purchase. Keep in mind that the best way to choose the best engraved jewelry is to pick a quote or a message that is really moving. This might be a general testament to your love, a quote from their favorite book or movie, or perhaps an encouraging message designed to pick them up when they’re going through a hard time. This sort of thoughtful and sensitive gift can mean so much more than an expensive diamond with no real thought behind it.

Closing Thoughts: What Makes Jewelry ‘Special’?

Hopefully, this has given you some ideas when it comes to buying couple jewelry. Hopefully, you can find something on this list that your partner will love and that will help them to feel loved and special. Of course, you can always venture away from this list if you have other ideas. What’s really important is just that you know how to use jewelry to make your partner feel like you really care. So, what is the magic source that ensures your jewelry will have that effect: whether it’s couple necklaces, promise rings, or anything else? The key thing that all these ideas have in common, is that they show time, thought, and an understanding of the other person. So many people think they can buy their partners an item of jewelry without giving any thought to whether it is what they would really want. Is this item something they have shown interest in before? Does it match what they normally wear? Does it have some kind of personal meaning? Likewise, think about what you’re trying to say with the jewelry. Is this a promise ring that says you’ll always be together? Is it an engraved bracelet with a message to help them through a hard time? The meaning is much more important than the monetary value, and this is the difference between a piece of jewelry that really says “I love you” and one that is just given because it’s expected. Master the art of the truly special item of jewelry and you’ll be able to buy your partner a gift they will always cherish.

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