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by David Cai on June 01, 2019
Silver is a beautiful metal but it is also very soft so scratches happen all the time. In this article, we will go over how to get scratches out of your silver jewelry or utensils.

How to Get Scratches Out of Silver

Silver is a beautiful metal but it also very soft so scratches will happen from time to time. Perhaps you've got some scratches on your favorite bf and gf bracelets and you want to get them restored to their former glory. While it's almost impossible to remove deep scratches, there are some methods to get small scratches out of your silver jewelry or utensils.

Identify the Scratch

If your scratch is too deep, the only option to repair it is likely with a professional that will basically rebuild that specific part of the jewelry with new molten silver. For smaller scratches, there are DIY solutions if you want to do it at home and there are also many options for professional jewelers to handle the problem

Tools Needed

First, you need to make sure the scratches don't have any dirt in them. This can be done with a simple silver polishing cloth. Never use a cloth made from synthetic material for your jewelry because it can cause even more scratches. A real polishing rag or pure cotton rag is an essential tool for anyone with jewelry.

Once the jewelry is clean you can opt for some silver polishing compounds like Twinkle Silver Cream or a cream/paste from Hagerty company. The paste will act as a mild abrasive which will lessen the severity of surface scratches. Beware, some websites or guides will recommend using something simple like toothpaste, but ultimately, you need a cream that is not very abrasive if you want to properly preserve your silver. A professional will probably reach for their trusty jeweler's rouge and finish off with a polishing motor and emery paper. The polishing motor is really only required in severe cases of tarnish and/or corrosion, and you will often hear it as putting it “on the wheel.”

You may be tempted to try some as seen on TV solution, usually referred to as a “dip.” These solutions claim to instantly remove tarnish but they actually do more damage than you'd expect. Some of these dips don't even remove tarnish, but instead, just change the color of it to a cloudy-white shade.

Future Prevention

Not only does silver get scratches very easily, but it also tarnishes pretty fast if you aren't careful. Tarnish is basically from sulfur in the air reacting with the silver, so if you live in a big city with lots of pollution from car traffic then pay attention. You can quickly recognize tarnish on your silver because of its dark grey / black color. The longer you leave tarnish on your precious silver jewelry, the harder it becomes to take off. If left for years only professional strength compounds will be able to free the metal from heavy tarnish. Using a silver polishing cloth like mentioned above is the simplest way to prevent tarnish. Most cloths that are made for jewelry actually have agents in the cloth that combats the tarnish.

As far as storing your silver jewelry, there are tons of options out there. The main thing to remember is that you should store your jewelry in a cleaning bag or sealable food storage bag. Also, be sure that the jewelry is completely dry otherwise you might end up with a bad corrosion problem.


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