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by David Cai on April 13, 2019
If you are ready to upgrade, add to, or overhaul your jewelry and accessory collection in spring 2019 you’re going to need to get comfortable with being unconventional and anything but conservative.

Today’s hottest styles are a throwback to the 1980s, bringing back big, chunky, bold colors and styles that are anything but slim and minimalist. The hottest new jewelry pieces on runways, red carpets, and in boutiques all over America are bigger, badder, and bolder than most of the pieces released in the last five years.

Here are a couple of the hottest jewelry fashion trends you will want to jump on board if you’re serious about staying fashion forward!

Back to the 80s

This spring nostalgia is in full-blown and hot styles from the 1980s are overwhelmingly popular right now. Big, bold, and over-the-top styles – loaded with crystals and crazy colors – are rounding out collections of some of the biggest and most popular jewelry designers today.
Celebrities like Arianna Grande have helped to usher in this “throwback” fad right now, and the kind of jewelry she wore in the music video for 7 Rings is exactly what people are after today!

Dripping Earrings are Red Hot

A big part of the style reinvention happening right now that steals design ideas and inspiration from the 1980s are dripping earrings, earrings that are anything but thin, lightweight, and minimalist – the kinds of earrings that were incredibly popular for the last few years but are starting to fall out of favor.

Today’s hot styles are longer, dripping, and dazzling earrings loaded with gems and glass to catch the light and glimmer even in the middle of the night. The more “extra” you go the more style you will be seen to have, especially if you combine these glitzy and glamorous pieces with more casual looks – and some chunky sunglasses! 

Layered Earrings are In, Too!

Multiple piercings aren’t seen as punk rock anymore, and even the more conservative people out there are starting to fall in love with loading up each individual year with a bunch of pieces.

Some people are content with adding just a single new piercing at a time, layering their jewelry until they get the kind of look they are after, and others are going for an “all-out” radical change and adding multiple pieces at a time – and bringing out some of their old favorite earrings that may be found out of the rotation in fun ways.

The coolest thing about layering different jewelry pieces with different design elements and aesthetics is that you can create a completely individualistic look that really shows off your personality. Staggering old pieces in between brand-new pieces, and pieces from different eras and aesthetics can shake up a look that feels a little old and a little stale faster than maybe anything else.

If you’re really looking to push your style boundaries, think about tying in all of your pieces thematically if possible; that’s a little bit of an advanced tip or trick to take things to the next level.

Those that want to start off small are encouraged to go with a high lobe the piercing. It’s an easy way to start layering without having to add too much extra.

Hoops Stay Hot

The bigger the hoop, the chunkier the hoop, the more audacious the hoop design the more popular it is going to be for spring of 2019.

This was a staple of the 1980s style that people are shooting for here, a real Whitney Houston kind of look that people just can’t get enough of these days. Glitzy and glamorous hoops made of gold, crystal and other materials that feature oversized and “extra” designs are catching on like wildfire.

The odds are pretty good you want to stick with chunky hoops or layering smaller earrings and not mixing these two style elements together. That could be a little bit of overkill (not to mention because of a real headache with extremely heavy accessories).

Make a Mess with Your Accessories

Layers with necklaces is another approach to take, and the messier the layer and the more “texture” you’re able to add with different designs, different pieces, and different styles the more popular and hot your look is going to come off as.

Chains, pendants, and charms should litter your necklaces, and a couple of thick or thin ropes mixed and will help you pull off this hot look as well. You don’t want to shoot for something that comes across as Mr. T-esque, but you’re looking for something that could be described as “Mr. T-light” for sure. 

Mixing in thicker and thinner necklaces as well as beads, crystals, charms, and other pendants will help create a slightly more refined look that is very modern. Finding that sweet spot won’t be too hard!

Couples Bracelets are Making Waves

Men’s accessories have been exploding in popularity over the last decade or so, but couples accessories – especially couples bracelets (like those that feature charms and initials on them) – are about as hot as a jewelry piece can be for spring of 2019.

These bracelets are usually designed to have a very androgynous look to them with design elements that are almost identical between old pieces, helping them to really hammer home the idea of one piece created for two people. 

The ability to add all kinds of charms, pendants, and other pieces allow you to customize these relatively blank slate accessories in a way that you might not have been able to before. There’s a lot of freedom and creativity when you’re ready to tinker with these options, the kind of freedom that is the hallmark of spring 2019 jewelry pieces.

Color Crazy Jewelry is Big in 2019

It wasn’t all that long ago that clean, minimalist, and almost sterile jewelry pieces or the name of the game – the kinds of jewelry pieces that took heavy inspiration from companies like Apple and Swedish design firms.

Today nothing could be further from the truth.

Color crazy jewelry – with bigger, bolder, and more ostentatious colors – is the name of the game. The kinds of almost costume jewelry pieces you might have seen your grandmother wearing are now starting to become incredibly hot, with the more out there and bolder colors and patterns seen as the most desirable of them all.

This is great news for those that want to overhaul their jewelry collection without having to spend a small fortune on clear diamonds. Semi-precious stones and even colored glass pieces that showcase extreme color are the most popular options right now, giving you an opportunity to add some really exciting new pieces to your collection without having to blow small holes in your bank account at the same time. 

Charms are Still Charming

Charms (bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and other accessories) have been pretty hot for a while now, but things cooled off between 2016 and 2018 a little bit.

In 2019, however, the popularity of charms has come boiling back to the surface with people looking to add even more personality, even more individual style, and even more visual interest to their favorite pieces of jewelry than ever before.

One of the coolest things about these charms is that they help you to really individualize pieces of “mass production” jewelry in a way that just isn’t possible otherwise. You can get an average, run-of-the-mill necklace and add a lot of visual style and a lot of personality to it with a pendant and a charm – opening up a lot of flexibility and a lot of creativity for your jewelry collection that wasn’t there before.

Whether you decide to go with vintage charms, modern charms, or something else entirely you can’t go wrong adding these precious little pieces to your jewelry collection for 2019.

Coins are Making a Comeback 

Coins are also making a red-hot comeback these days, adding quite a bit of extra visual flair in the same way that charms have been – but in a bigger and chunkier kind of way.

All kinds of coins specific jewelry are exploding in popularity, with earrings and necklaces in specific taking center stage. Some new designers are starting to integrate coins into their rings and bracelets as well, especially since bigger, thicker, and heavier jewelry pieces are seen as fashionable today compared to the slim and minimalist pieces that were popular in the past.

At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong really individualizing your jewelry collection for 2019. Minimalist looks are starting to fade and you’re going to want to put your personality on full display when you decide to go with these kinds of pieces.

Those that like a little bit of anonymity and a little bit of ambiguity with their jewelry are still going to be able to play around with looks that they find appealing, but those that aren’t shy about putting their personality into a megaphone and screaming it through their accessories are going to fall in love with all of the new collections and pieces that are being released for spring 2019 and beyond.

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